From the hills of oblivion
To the shouts of the fame
Lives the tale of a warrior
In the whispering flame.
Under blankets of children,
In the beds of adult,
Round the fires in night time,
In the shadows of noon,
Stream the words of adventure,
Of the promise, of oath.
About the deeds of a stranger,
By the word of the gods.

In a village away
Little child there was born,
From the very first day
Will of gods he had worn.
He rose up in the mountains,
With the woods, with the wind,
Free in places unseen,
Far from treason and greed.
In a moment of stillness,
By a calm mountain stream
Heard a call against meanness
And destroyers of dreams.
Took the sword from his father,
From his mother the faith,
For the well of the others
In the battles went straight.
Vanquished evil of forcers
Of the good, of the right,
On the king of the horses
He rode day and in night

He was wind.
He was rain.
He was love
And the pain.
In the battles he flew,
From a fight never ran
And his enemies knew
Once he hits - they are done.

One day he heard the call
Of gods in mighty sky
Before them he stood tall
And bravely asked them „Why?”
He knew his heart was pure
And clear his mind and deeds
Full of respect, not fear
He stood tight on his feet!
They told him – “Be our hero
And messenger on mortal earth.
We trust in you, your strength is clear
You`re bound with good from very birth!
To all the people bring our wisdom
And face the lie with truth.
The honor is a mighty kingdom.
The trust in steel is youth.
And teach them of the knowledge,
Which learned you from the woods
And wind, that flew in mountains -
To live your dream for good!”

On mighty eagle’s wings
He crossed the deep blue sky,
He talked with beasts and streams,
Heard men in pain to cry.
Then rose he head and power
Poured down on mortal world.
Without a fear from final hour
Stayed true to given word.
He walked upon the earth -
Both punishment and help.
For evil he was curse,
A wing for poor and halt.
And everywhere he stepped
Was oath of freedom sworn
And there the peace was kept
Or after a battle won.

So tells the tale about the freedom,
About the ancient given word,
About the man who brought the wisdom,
Who crosses still the mortal world.


Георги Връбчев © 2008-2010